Lauren Kerbelis portrait photo

Lauren Kerbelis is an artist whose impressionistic, transparent watercolors and oils are easily recognized by their pastel tones sparkles of light and attention to detail. She paints her emotional response to the world around her: her two boys, scenes from family travels, and subjects from her once-a-week plein air painting. To achieve her signature style, Lauren combines sketches, photos and memory to help with her work in the studio.

Largely self-taught, Lauren has studied with a number of professional artist through classes and workshops.

Lauren is a native of Schenectady, New York, has made her home in Augusta, GA since 1986.

Artist Insight – “The appreciation and awe I hold for God’s ultimate designs are what inspires me to humbly convey observation – allowing one to breathe in a moment otherwise unnoticed. All areas of life and surroundings are to be treasured – All glory to God!” LK

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